Everyone goes through it. It gets cold and gloomy outside and it brings you down. The wintertime blues are a real thing called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Symptoms include decreased concentration, increased appetite, weight gain, social withdrawal, moodiness, and fatigue. SAD is dependent on a person’s hormonal state and seasonal characteristics like temperature and exposure to natural light!

So, if you find yourself getting a case of the wintertime blues, here are some ways that you can combat the seasonal affective disorder.

1.     Spend some time outdoors. Daylight will help.

2.     Light therapy boxes. Boxes range in brightness and type of light, so call the doctor first.

3.     Talk to someone. Studies show it is just as effective as light therapy.

4.     Talk to your doctor about getting on antidepressants. They can control mood and energy.

5.     Exercise. Exercise can reduce symptoms of seasonal and nonseasonal depression.

6.     Eat some carbs (but not too many)! Complex carbs can help maintain levels of serotonin.

It is important to not let the symptoms of sad go. Taking action when you first notice the symptoms can make a huge difference. Have a happy winter!

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